Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Small Steps Amazing Achievements - 23rd April 2014

It's Wednesday! Welcome to this week's Small Steps Amazing Achievements.

As always, thank you to everyone that linked up last week. We really appreciate it.  

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Ethans Escapades
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Last week we had lots of fantastic Small Steps Amazing Achievements which included lovely posts celebrating birthdays over at 9 2 three 30Two Years Old and Rising and Broody Me. Two superstars having fun at GoApe over at Mummy M's Memories and Twice a Mummy Double The Fun. One little superstar enjoying his first ice cream over at Glimmer of Hope and lastly this superstar is enjoying nature and making fantastic progress over at Happy Homebird.         

I really wish I could share all of the posts with you as I have enjoyed reading them all and find it so hard to choose which ones to include in this post, but you can read them all HERE.

I can't wait to see what your children have achieved this week.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Hello - It's Still My Magic Moment!

On New Year's eve Ethan showed us that he could say the word 'Hello'. I couldn't believe it but I was so pleased to blog about it for our Small Steps Amazing Achievements Linky. Since that day he has been using the word more and more, keeping everything crossed, I'm so happy to say he is using it everyday. The added bonus is he always uses it in the right context, this is something that is very important in the world of autism.

When we go out, and if Ethan is in the mood, he will say hello to passers by. If we are very lucky some people say hello back. This melts my heart everytime, my little superstar is actually saying a word that strangers are recognizing and they respond to him.

Some people do ignore him and it makes me sad. I want to shout at them 'Do you now know how long I have waited for this word, an interaction with people?!'. Thankfully, mostly people do respond. One lady did say she didn't want to say hello back for fear of encouraging stranger danger. Yes we do have to work on that but I'm happy to let him continue like this for at least another year.

How confusing will it be to say to Ethan, well done my little man you are now talking to people but now you can't do it, it must stop!

We are also having moments when Ethan will say hello and people engage with him more, asking him another question. He then looks at them blankly or responds in Ethan language. I find I respond by telling them it's taken nearly four years to get hello.

Last week we got an unexpected Daddy day and I finally got to capture my heart melting moment on video. Definitely one to treasure.

I'm linking this post to Magic Moments over at The Oliver's Madhouse

Also to our Small Steps Amazing Achievements linky. 

Ethans Escapades
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