Friday, 31 October 2014

Little E - 16 Weeks Old

Dear Little E,

You are 16 weeks old today and it's your first Halloween. 

We got your brother some Halloween treats and handed out chocolate to the trick or treaters. 

This month you have been working on your motor skills and are practising holding your toys. 

You are so close to rolling over, as I type this you are on your side trying your hardest and making lots of noise about it. Even without rolling over you can make your way around the front room floor without any problems.  

You smile at us every morning when you wake up. You always smile at your daddy but make me work for them, especially if I'm holding the camera! 

This past week you have really started 'talking' to us which is lovely to hear. 

You are finally taking six ounces of milk at every feed, and now go for three hours between feeds. This is making it easier for us to get out and about. You do still bring up lots of milk so we may start introducing baby rice soon.

I have finally made it into town to get you weighed, you were 12 pounds, 12 ounces. 

We have even started to go to a baby group each week, and I also want to start going to singing at the library. 

You sleep through the night and we have given up on the dummy. You didn't like it and prefer to suck on your hands. 

I have decided to embrace headbands but I don't think you are that keen!

This month it really feels like we are settling into a nice routine, lets hope it continues. 

Me & Mine October 2014

When Ethan was born we took photos of him and us every time he moved. We haven't found this as easy with Little E and I'm very conscious of the lack of photos being taken. Everyday life and meeting Ethan's needs get in the way of all the photo opportunities. I have loved joining in with the siblings linky and making sure we take photos of our children each month. I thought I should also embrace the Me and Mine linky so they we are capturing photos of us as a family.

These photos were taken on the 19th after we had taken Ethan to see Peppa Pig Live. You can see the dinosaur that we got him. I have just been informed by Darren that it is still in its bed, a first for Ethan, I wonder if it will still be there next month!

There have been some big changes for us this month, it really is our year for change. Darren has started a new job. He was commuting over 500 miles a week to get to and from work but this has reduced to a lovely 20 miles a week. He will now work a rolling shift of four days on and four days off. It will mean that he does have to work weekends and public holidays at times but he will be at home with us more. This will be a massive support for me and one that is needed. 

The next few months will see lots of adjusting for us all but we are looking forward to the change.  

dear beautiful

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Pumpkin Carving - Halloween 2014

Last year was the first time we carved pumpkins and it's a tradition I wanted to continue. So on Sunday we went to collect our pumpkins from our local supermarket.  

It was Darren's job again to do the carving and Ethan watched on.  

I was concerned that Ethan might want to grab the knives but he was very good and just watched Darren. 

Darren just stuck to basic carving but next year I might download a template and be a bit adventurous. 

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