Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Saying Hello To Little E - Introducing Siblings

Preparing Ethan for the arrival of his little sister is something that caused me great concern. I had no idea how to prepare my non-verbal child for this massive change in his life and everyday routine. I wanted to get him a book that we could read together in that last few weeks of my pregnancy but I didn't order a book in time and Little E's arrival was sooner and a bit more stressful than expected. This meant a book never got ordered or read.

Ethan did visit me briefly at the hospital as I needed some things brought up. His very quick look went well.

Unfortunately when we brought Little E home and placed her in the front room Ethan's face crumbled and he started to cry. This broke my heart and I burst into tears, which didn't surprise me as it had been a very traumatic weekend of events. 

To be honest I wasn't expecting Ethan to show much interest in Little E, I was just hoping her arrival wouldn't freak him out too much. We tried not to make a big issue of her presence and didn't push Ethan in any way to show any interest in her. 
As expected he didn't go near her that night. He also didn't come into our bedroom the following morning, he knew she was there and kept away. 

When Darren went into our bedroom Ethan followed him and stood on our bed so that he could look into the moses basket. A very small break through and one we were happy with. 

Ten minutes later, with all of us downstairs Ethan started to get closer to the moses basket and started touching Little E's head in a hello. 

We were both pleasantly shocked and surprised by his reaction. When Ethan returned from nursery that day his interest continued, he even started to give Little E his special Ethan cuddles.  

He also pointed out her body parts when we asked him too, making sure he didn't poke her in the eyes!

We were even able to capture them together in a photo, very staged but one for the memory books. 

We were even more shocked when Ethan indicated to us that he wanted to pick her up, so we asked him if he wanted a cuddle. He got a cuddle with support from us but I don't think Ethan was totally happy with Little E in his space at this point. 

I'm not going to lie it isn't totally plain sailing. Ethan gets very excited around Little E and he doesn't know his own strength so we have to make sure we are there to support him when he is in cuddling mode. He also likes to rock her moses basket which we have to control to make sure he does it gently. We can't leave them alone together, but I don't think you would leave any young child alone with a newborn baby. It is very tiring and we are having to keep Ethan busy with things so that Little E can get a break from all of his affections. 

We are just so glad that Ethan is taking an interest in her, he could have totally shut her out of his world and this could be a totally different blog post. 

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Small Steps Amazing Achievements - 23rd July 2014

It's Wednesday! It's time for the Small Steps Amazing Achievements linky.

This week the lovely Jeannette from Autism Mumma is hosting the linky for me whilst we adjust to becoming a family of four. You can join in with the linky on her blog HERE.

I know you will all support her whilst she looks after the linky for me.   

Monday, 21 July 2014

3 Become 4 - Ethan's Little Sister Is Here!

I never like to do anything easily and pregnancy is definitely one of those times for me. It has been a very dramatic and stressful three weeks in our house which ended in Ethan's little sister arriving just over two weeks before her due date.

Our journey to her arrival included me being diagnosed with obstetric cholestasis. This resulted in trips to the hospital every other day for monitoring, this also meant lots of tablets and blood tests. Anyone who knows me knows that these two things on their own are big fears of mine. I also had to have steroid injections to prepare the baby for an early delivery, as we had no idea when she would need to be delivered.

When they decided it was time for the baby to come via c section Darren picked up a bug and had to go home. He missed the delivery and wasn't able to visit us for over twenty four hours. Thankfully my mum was brave enough to come into theatre with me.

Finally with us all at home I decided I hadn't had enough of using the NHS and an ambulance needed to be called for me as I'm suffering episodes of low blood pressure.

To say it's been eventful would be an understatement, but Little E is here and we are starting our journey as a family of four.

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